Controllable growth, microstructure and electronic structure of Cu-O thin films

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  一、主 题:Controllable growth, microstructure and electronic structure of Cu-O thin films

  二、时 间:2019年8月6日(周二)10:00

  三、地 点:沙河校区物理楼204会议室

  四、主讲人:日本国立物质材料研究所 王勇 博士

  五、主持人:物理学院 乔梁 教授


  Prospective applications in the fields of energy conversion and thin film transistor raise great interests in p-type binary semiconductor copper oxides, due to their peculiar electrical and/or optical properties. In this talk, I will present the controllable growth, microstructure and electronic structure of copper oxide thin films, including cuprous Cu2O, cupric CuO and the metastable mixed-valence oxide paramelaconite Cu4O3. These three phases have been deposited on unmatched substrates by reactive sputtering at room temperature . Local epitaxial growth, where epitaxial relationship exists in columns of sputtered films, has been observed in Cu2O and Cu4O3 films by using a seed layer. The seed layer will govern the growth orientation of top layer via the local epitaxy, independently of the deposition conditions of top layer . The unusual vertically aligned columnar microstructures of biphase thin films is evidenced. Besides, a joint experimental and theoretical study is performed for the electronic structure of copper oxides, which gives a consistent picture for the optical and band-structure properties of the three oxides . Finally, the chemical states of nitrogen impurities in oxides will be discussed.








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